Taylor Henderson has achieved incredible success since first coming to the attention of the music industry and Australian public in late 2013. Within the following year, he launched his career with a #1 single (“Borrow My Heart”, certified double-platinum), a Top 5 single (“When You Were Mine”, certified platinum), and two #1 ARIA albums (Taylor Henderson and Burnt Letters), amongst other chart, radio and touring highlights.


The young singer/songwriter from country Victoria made his mark, but following the burst of success, Taylor decided it was time to take a step back and regroup. Taylor Henderson is a genuine musician whose truth is at the heart of his music, and to remain loyal to his work he consciously took the time he needed to develop his songwriting further and become inspired by new experiences.


“I’m really proud of the year I had in 2014, but it just came so quickly and I guess I just needed time to absorb everything that happened. The making of those two albums, the promoting, the touring – it was all go, go, go, and I fell in love with that schedule, but it started to take it’s toll on me and I was getting really tired. I just need some time to recharge and go back to normal life. So for the last 18 months I’ve taken time off and I think it was the best thing I could’ve done. I used that downtime to write songs, I travelled to the UK and the US, and I was working on ideas for new material, but under no deadline. I had the luxury of just living my life and going through experiences, all of which I’ve put into my new material”.


“It’s interesting to have the time to look back on what you’ve achieved. I’m really proud of my body of work, especially the Burnt Letters album because even when I listen back to it now I can really feel myself in those songs. I wrote those songs so I can feel the honesty in them and it really spoke about who I was at that time. I was 20 years old after The X Factor and 21 years old when I wrote that album and that was me. Now I’m 23 years old now and so there’s some real changes in who I am and how my experiences since then have shaped me. Over the past couple of months, everything has started to fall into place again and it feels like the perfect time to release a new single and lead into my tour and the next album.”


Leading this new chapter is the release of “Light Up The Dark”, Taylor’s new single and the lead track from the new Aussie comedy film “Spin Out”.

“I wrote the single on guitar with my producer Jon Hume, who I wrote most of my new album with, over a year ago. We couldn’t think of any verses for the song so we just put it on the shelf and we forgot about it. It’s not a song that we even properly remembered. We knew it was a feel-good song, but we couldn’t find the shade to balance it properly, so we set it aside and moved on to work on other songs.

“When we started to go through songs at a much later date we rediscovered “Light Up The Dark”, and it only started to work when we came back to it with new ideas. It came to life and I think it’s a really great way to lead into the new project.”


Not only does “Light Up The Dark” lead the soundtrack for the film, but Taylor also makes it onto screen performing the song during a key scene.

“We submitted the song and the producers loved it and the feeling it creates, and they then asked me to be in the film, and I was like, “I’m not an actor, guys!”, but they promised to look after me! I’m actually just playing a cameo role in the film where I play myself performing at this B&S Ball in the country where everyone’s going off and having a good time. It’s pretty funny and the experience itself was really cool for me.”


With “Light Up The Dark” delivering him back into the spotlight, and with his new album almost finished, Taylor has announced an Australian tour for September/October during which he plans to preview his new material for his dedicated fans.

“I’m doing this tour around Australia in September/October and in a way, we’re doing the shows in the same vein as when most people first discovered me. It’s very stripped back and back to basics. I’ve done tours previously where it’s been massive and the production is pumping, but this tour is going to be a much more chilled-out approach. It’s going to be great, we’re planning on some nice lighting and lamps, with the intention to really focus on the songs”.


“By then the single will have been out and so this tour will be the glide into what the new album is about. Audiences will get to hear my previous work but will also get to preview the new album too. I feel that with my style of music, it can be heard for the first time and even if you don’t know the songs you’ll still be able to appreciate it. I remember when I was younger I went to a show by James Taylor – I know that’s pretty dated but I am a big fan of his – and he tested a bunch of songs he hadn’t released. I went to this show about seven years ago, and his latest album came out about a year ago and I remembered five of the songs from that show, years earlier. It made me feel like I had a real connection and relationship with the songs – it was something very special. That’s kinda what I want to accomplish with these shows. My aim is create special moments for my fans in both my touring and in my music”.